If you are planning to travel to Copenhagen for an extended period of time, hotels can prove to be a bit too expensive for your stay. While there are many options to consider from hotels, hostels, guest houses and more – selecting one can be pretty difficult owing to the hidden costs and added expenditure. Along with the standard costs come the running costs like food, travel, facilities etc.

One of the distinct choices for travelers today is the copenhagen apartment hotel which provides for an exclusive holiday experience negotiating with the perks of a boutique hotel in Copenhagen. For a long stay here, the apartment hotels are a great choice – here’s why!

Spacious and luxurious as compared to hotel rooms

As compared to the regular hotel rooms available at some of the prime locations of the city, the apartment hotels are best bet for spaces. These come in studio apartments, 2BHK apartments and even a larger space for family holidays. Instead of booking multiple rooms, one just has to book an apartment and stay close just like they would want in a holiday. On an average a hotel apartment provides for 30% more space than the hotel rooms. This brings in a sense of comfort and place to relax.

Budget advantages

The hotel prices are always at a high. And given the stay is going to be for a longer period of time there is no benefit attached to long bookings here. But with the apartment hotels, the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets. Most of the apartment hotels are built around providing an advantage in price as compared to the hotels. And given that it has a number of more equipments and services than the hotels, the running costs come down too.

Personal space and comfort

The apartment hotels are equipped with a furnished kitchen, ready personal equipments as well as some amenities that one needs regularly in their house. The idea of living in a personalized space is brought to life. And given that the décor of the place is kept luxury with almost no requirement of outside services, one can spend their days in their comfort zone without any disturbance from the outside world.

No strict rules apply here!

Unlike the strict managerial guidelines in hotels, the apartment hotels are much like your own house. There aren’t any rules here to follow except the basic hygiene and safety. One can live here as freely as they live in their houses.

With so many benefits over hotel bookings, if you are planning a long stay in Copenhagen, the apartment hotels are your best bet!