You place the mind and you are ready to go to South Usa, an enchanting host to immense beauty where myth and legend still walk hands in hands. I have traveled 18 several weeks in South Usa and can provide you with some tips about how to get ready to have an unforgettable adventure.

Good Sense

All of us hear the uncomfortable tales and South Usa includes a fame to be harmful. I traveled a large number of miles traversing metropolitan areas, jungles, islands and mountain tops. I survived 6 days inside a street day care center within the favelas of Salvador da Bahía (South america) coupled with the party a person can have during circus. Nothing, Once more, nothing happened. Make use of your good sense. Avoid badly lit roads during the night and when your sixth sense is providing you with the “something is wrong” sign then have a taxi for your destination.

Travel Manual

The very first factor that you’ll want is really a travel manual. It will likely be your very best companion during your search for adventure. I’m able to recommend Lonely Planet´s South Usa on the Shoestring

to help you get began. It covers all that you should know to obtain the most from your vacation and it is ideal to organize your trip ahead. I have used the guide extensively within my 18 month adventure. They provide excellent separate travel guides of all of the countries (besides while using Lonely Planet Shoestring I have used their separate travel guides of Peru and South america). Their guides are typically the most popular among backpackers.

Other popular guides would be the Rough Help guide to South Usa and also the South American Guide. Ideal, although not practical because you need to travel light, is always to benefit from the adventure having a Lonely Planet and only the Rough Guide or even the Guide.

Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

Probably the most rewarding factor for me personally was because you can travel inside a huge continent like South Usa with simply 2 languages. Spanish and Portuguese. If you are planning to visit for one couple of days you are able to purchase a Spanish and/or Brazilian Portuguese Phrase Book. British isn’t broadly spoken or even a fundamental understanding of Spanish and/or Portuguese helps make the trip a lot more rewarding (they are very willing that will help you, so don’t be concerned, be at liberty).

If however you are intending to travel for any couple of several weeks I’m able to recommend going for a language course. Ideal could be inside a school in South Usa (I required training in Quito, Ecuador, coupled with a personal teacher for $2.50/h).

Walking Footwear

South America’s nature has me overwhelmed. You’ll walk for a lot of hrs every single day. It might be unfortunate just to walk within the actions from the Incas with blisters in your ft. My greatest recommendation is to purchase top quality walking footwear with Gore-Tex.

Health Vaccinations

Yellow Fever (if you are planning to visit the Amazon . com Basin), Typhoid (includes two injections taken 4 days apart), Diphtheria-Tetanus, Polio, Cholera (only if necessary), Smallpox

Medical Package:

Based on that which you expect to do you can the next:

Antiseptic cream, aspirin, lomotil for diarrhea, antibiotics, throat lozenges, ear and eye drops, antacid tablets, motion sickness medication, alcohol swabs, water purifier, lip salve, feet and groin powder, thermometer (inside a situation), surgical tape, assorted sticky plasters, gauze, bandages, butterfly closures, scissors and finally, first-aid guide

Note: malaria is needed within the amazon . com basin, take note that individuals is quite strong and you ought to seek advice from your physician before departure

Traveling Gear


Clearly a top quality backpack is essential. Pick the type which has different compartments that may be opened up individually. Very handy if you want something rapidly. Travel as light as you possibly can. Huge backpack is determined to undermine your traveling pleasure.


Depends upon in which you go. Whether it’s the mountain tops and also the jungle, acquire some quality clothing at home. Whether it’s the shore, purchase your t-shirts there (cheap).

Camping and Climbing Gear:

You are able to rent camping and climbing material in South Usa however the quality might be questionable. Check the fabric. Take the own gear if at all possible. I traveled 18 several weeks with my very own tent as well as other camping utensils.


Pictures are something personal. Many people simply want some photos, others wish to publish within the National Geographic. My pictures were taken having a cheap Nikon F50 camera.

I’d two zoom lenses, a 35-80 mm. along with a 70-210mm. I additionally pulled a tripod and a very good flash beside me. I made use of FUJI slides (100 ASA) however, you certainly need 200 to 400 ASA if you are planning to visit the jungle. A polarize filter improves the colours tremendously on sunshine.


South Usa will embrace you with open arms. It’s nature, people and history are overwhelming. With the proper preparation and hang of mind you are prepared to travel South Usa and revel in a memorable adventure.