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Enjoy the unique bungee jumping Slovenia experience of jumping into the magnificent Soča River gorge. Many say this experience is among top 5 adrenaline experiences in Slovenia. And it really is an extreme sports activity, combined with wonderful views of the Soča River.

No all bungee jumps are the same!!

Bungee jumping Slovenia is much more than just a jump with an elastic rope, it is a thrilling experience, it is a jump into a fairy-tale. It is placed in such a lovely surroundings that it is hard to describe in words. Bungee jumping Slovenia offers jumps from a bridge, set in a unique and spectacular natural scenery. And this makes it really special.

Bungee jumping Slovenia is so much fun that you will forget your fear and feel totally free while flying above the amazing emerald Soča River. This experience makes a great present for a groom or a bride, for your best friend, it is a great bonding experience, so it is perfect as part of team-building programmes.

Load of things to do and see

Bungee jumping Slovenia is perfect for those who crave adrenaline and wish for something more. If you come to Solkan by car, you can even combine the bungee jumping experience with perhaps some wine tasting in one of the nearby wine cellars, or take a trip along the Soča River to its spring, perhaps even combine it with some more adrenaline experiences, such as rafting, canynoning etc. Or indulge in some local or Italian cuisine, as Italy is only a few steps away from the famous Solkan bridge.

Bungee jumping Slovenia – for those who dare!